Surrogacy: Reproductive Rights of Surrogate Mother and Duties of Intending Parents

Bandna Shekhar, Anil K. Dixit

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Reproductive Health, Surrogacy, Test Tube Babies, Infertility.


The ever-rising prevalence of infertility world over has led to advancement of assisted reproductive techniques. Surrogacy also comes as an alternative when the infertile women or couple is not able to reproduce. So, the future and to some extent the present situation relating to the birth of the child is in the form of test tube babies, surrogate motherhood and cloning technology will introduce undreamt opportunities in the pregnancy problems. This paper aims to analyse the rights of a surrogate mother with regards to her health, her reproductive health and human rights which are to be protected during and after the surrogacy arrangement under Indian and International Laws which are for the protection of her health, reproductive health and human rights.