Volume 13, Engineering & Science SP, 2018

A study on Customer Engagement - Content Marketing Via Social Media a Branding Strategy

Dr. Ruhi Bakhare

Agricultural Crop Yield Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence and Satellite Imagery

Teresa Priyanka, Pratishtha Soni, C. Malathy

Poverty Battle from the Street (A Study of Street Food Vendors at Chennai)

P. Annakili, Dr.R. Jayam

How to increase Organizational Commitment through Employees Participation

P. Annakili, Dr.R. Jayam

Bio Inspired Mutation based CFPSO to Optimize Size and Location of FACTS Device Under Generator Contingency

Jayachitra Selvaraj

A Study on Consumer Behavior of Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products in Chennai City

A. Suresh Kumar*, Dr.S. Fabiyola Kavitha

An Analysis on the Perception of it Employess towards Domain Knowledge Upgradation

G. Ramya, Dr.D. Anitha Kumari

Mutual Fund an Electronic Inference

Dr. Ashok Kumar Katta, Dr.D. Anitha Kumari

Entrepreneurship as a Career Option – A Study among College Students

Dr.C. BalaKrishnan, B. Suchithra

3 P & 4 P Logistics in E – commerce

Dr.B. Balanagalakshmi

A Study on Impact of Employee Empowerment on Job Satisfaction with Reference to Ford Motor Private Ltd, Perungudi

Dr.P. Barani Kumari, A. Hemalatha

Customer Trust and Risk Characteristics of Housing Loan Market in Tamilnadu

A. Barkathunisa

Mediating Role of Locus of Control on Factors Influencing Investment Decisions in Chennai

A. Barkathunisa

Employee Engagement- A Study with Information Technology based Investment Bankers

Benita S. Monica, Dr.P. Praveen Kumar

Trends in Consumer Behavior towards E-commerce and its Impact on Indian Economy

Dr.C. Vethirajan, Dr.G. Vinayagamoorthi

Impact of E-commerce on Global Business Environment: A Conceptual Study Focus on Middle East

Dr. Gopalakrishnan Soundararajan

Customer Perception towards On-Line Atmospherics

Dr. Gunita Arun Chandhok, Dr.M.K. Shakila

An Assessment of Customers’ Perceptions of E-Commerce

Dr.V. Jayanthi, Dr.T. Devi Kamatchi, Dr.S. Subbulakshmi

A Study on Competency Mapping in Organizations

Dr.C. Kala, Dr.L.N. Jayanthi

A Study on Exploring the Individual Factors that Affect the Role of Women in Higher Education

Dr.B. Latha Lavanya, Dr.D. Nisar Ahmed

Customer Preference in Availing New Generation Banking Facilities of ICICI (With Special Reference to Employees)

Dr.P. Barani Kumari, L. Madhumitha

Socio -Economic, Cognitive Factors and Purchase Pattern on Speciality Goods in Semi – Urban Consumer of Dharmapuri District

Dr.S. Mangalam

Influence of Training and Its Effectiveness on Career Development of Students with Reference to Autonomous Arts and Science College

M.L. Mayalekshmi

Determinants of Engaging Employees at Work Place

A. Nasima, P. Shalini

Magnitude of SEO and PPC Technology in E-commerce

Dr.P. Uma Rani, D. Padma Losani

Impact of Savings and Investment Behaviour of Working Women in Chennai City

Dr.V. Krishna Kumari

Effects of Brexit on Indian Stock Market

Dr.P. Praveen Kumar, K.C. Raja Shree

Trends in Consumers Behaviours towards E-commerce

Dr.M. Radhikaashree, Dr.A. Devendran, J. Sowmya

E-Governence in Health Sector – Challenges

Dr.M. Radhikaashree, Shruthiunnikrishnan, Sangeetha

Track: E-Commerce as a Catalyst for Change

Dr. Rajalakshmi