Copyright & Licencing

All papers published in Eurasian Journal of Analytical Chemistry (EJAC) Journal are made instantly and permanently available to all readers world-wide free of charge as part of the publication fee based open access policy adopted. In this way, the scientific community and the general public have, for free, unlimited and immediate access to the open access content as soon as they are released on the Internet. This effectively removes the barriers for timely distribution of the articles and ensures that they can be read by as many interested people as possible. The copyrights of articles accepted for publication belong to their authors.

Society for Innovative Research (SIR) (the publisher of EJAC) publishes the articles under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License allowing the work to be used, downloaded, copied, redistributed, remixed, transformed and built upon in any medium without restriction, even for commercial use.

Copyright for Open Access content is retained by author(s).

Hence, author(s)
    • continue to hold the copyrights of their own papers.
    • grant Society for Innovative Research (SIR) the license to publish the article as the original publisher.
    • grant any third party the right to use, share and adapt the article freely as long as the original work is correctly cited.